“Goodness” can be defined as thatwhich moves us in the direction of harmonious coexistence, empathy and solidarity with others. The nature of evil, on the other hand, is to divide: people from people, humanity from the rest of nature.
Remaining silent in the face of injustice is the same as supportingit.
It is the function of evil to divide; to alienate people from each otherand divide one country from another. The universe, this world and our own lives, are the stage for a ceaseless struggle between hatred and compassion, the destructive and constructive aspects of life. In the end, the evil over which we must triumph is theimpulse toward hatred and destruction that resides in us all.
In the fight between justice and evil, taking a neutral stance and being indifferent is the same as siding with evi



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While it is important to win, it’s even more important to remain undefeated no matter what happens.
This lifetime will never come again; it is precious and irreplaceable. To live without regret, we must have a concrete purpose, continually setting goals and challenges for ourselves. And we need to keep moving toward those specific targets steadily and tenaciously, one step at a time.
It takes great effort to build something, but it only takes an instant to destroy it.
It is precisely when we have suffered defeat that we can determine to win and open the path to future victory.
Defeat lies not in failing or making mistakes; rather, it lies in giving up on ourselves when we do so.
When you think, “I can’t do anymore. I need a break,” that is the time to challenge yourself to keep going another five minutes. Those who persevere for even an extra five minutes will win in life.
The seeds of firm conviction already contain within them the flowers and fruits of happiness. But if we plant the seeds of self-doubt, naturally, only noxious weeds will sprout


In today’s culture the figure of the shepherd is almost unknown and tocall somebody “a sheep” is an offence. On the contrary, in the Bible, sheep farming is well known and has a positive and deep meaning. God is presented as the shepherd of his people.
“The Lord is my shepherd; there is nothing I lack.”(Ps 23:1) “For he is our God we are the people he shepherds the sheep in his hands” (Ps 95:7).
The future Messiah too is described with the image of a shepherd “Like a shepherd he feeds his flock; in his arms he gathers the lambs carrying them in his bosom, leadingthe ewes with care” (Is 40:11).
This ideal image of a shepherd finds its full realization in Christ. He is the good shepherd who searches for the lost sheep. He takes pity on his people because he sees them “like sheep without a shepherd” (Mt 9:36) He calls his disciples “little flock” (Lk 12:32). Peter calls Jesus “shepherd and guardian of your souls” (1 Pt 2:25) and in Hebrews 13:20 He is called”the great shepherd of the sheep.”
Jesus is the true Shepherd because Heis the one who guides his flock with love, makes sure that it stays united and defends his sheep from danger. The good shepherd knows his sheep one by one and takes careof all of them, counts them when they return to the fold, and when one is missing, leaves all the others to go in search of it.
In calling “sheep” his friends and followers, Christ underlines the essential relation that links them to Him. This relation of salvation isdefined by verbs “they hear and they follow” referred to the believers and “I know” referred to Jesus.
1)The Good Shepherd, passionate and provident
Jesus knows and loves every one of his followers. It should not sounds odd if He calls us sheep because he allowed for himself to be called”lamb” so that his duty to “take away the sins of the world” would become our mission, to take his forgiveness to all people.
In today’s gospel He speaks about usas his flock and about him as the good shepherd who gives his life for his sheep… He never relinquisheshis sheep and loves them to the point of giving his life for them. Moved by his passion for us, He didn’t hesitate to face the passion of the Cross. He is the good shepherd in love with life so that we can have eternal life. It is natural to wonder why we, the luckyflock, would abandon this Way and depart on roads leading to ravines… He, the infinitely good, divine, merciful and loyal shepherd, searches us out, calls us by name and when He finds us, puts us on hisshoulders and leads us to the eternal pasture of heaven.( 1 Pt 2:25)
We are in the hands of the Good Shepherd, who leads us one by one and introduces us into real life, in the life of friends, as the Gospel oftoday’s Ambrosian liturgy reminds us. However it is not enough that we declare ourselves ‘friends’ of Christ. We must express our true friendship with Jesus in the way wefollow him, with goodness of heart, humility, clemency and mercy.
To follow Jesus is to pledge our willingness and walk behind the One of whom we have heard and loved, the Word of Life. Behind Himour steps don’t waver. He will carry us to the green pasture. Even if we walk through a valley of shadows we do not fear because He is with us. (Ps 23)
To follow it is necessary to listen engaging the mind and heart. The real listening is obedience (the etymology of to obey is ob-audire = to be listening) in the same way the Apostles did and became fishers of men and shepherds of souls. True obedience is to listen andput in practice Christ’s word of love. Obedience must be lived not only by doing things, but also with the desire to learn from Him the pattern of our own life, following the truth of love and letting us be guided by the love of a good Shepherd, a true Friend.
2)Vocation: “space” of freedom.
If the verbs “to hear” and ” to follow” used in today’s Roman gospel are verbs that indicate a deep dialogue and a communion of life not only of thoughts, the verb”to know” lays the foundations of the vocation of the Apostles and ofour vocation as well. This vocation is called to a relationship of communion between Jesus and his disciples and involves the entire person, his thoughts, love and behavior. This vocation is a call to receive life (“I’m giving them eternal life”) and to share it with all humanity.
If as Jesus says, two are the main facts that characterize his sheep, that is, to hear and to follow (to hear his voice and to follow his way), to be aware that Christ knows and loves us means that we must not keep this gift for ourselves. With this knowledge of Christ we are called to be the salt and light for the world. It is true that our world continuously changes, but it is not necessary to race looking for ideas and new projects. God’s voice has already echoed and the direction of his path has been drawn. Loyalty of memory has been demanded and the brilliance of the invention of new pastoral programs.
He is a friend who knows us and makes us understand that the heart is committed. We know in truth only what we love. It is a love which goes behind evidence. It is a knowledge that comes from the inside, from deep down. It is to know Life and the Truth following the Way. It is the knowledge of Love that makes us free.
Jesus has many times affirmed that his freedom is not to take distance from the Father, but to doHis will. Freedom and obedience to the Father (which is always obedience to the donation of one self) coincide. The true space of freedom is the love to which Christ calls us. Vocation is a gift to be welcomed with amazement. The wonder we experience at the gift God has made to us in Christ gives new impulse to our lives and commits us to becoming witnesses of his love. We become witnesses when, through our actions, words and way of being, Another makes himself present. Witness could be described as the means by which the truth of God’s love comes to men and women in history, inviting them to accept freely this radical newness. Through witness, God lays himself open, one might say, to the risk of human freedom


Want to make a woman truly happy? It’s not as hard as you think it is. But a lot of men still seem to struggle when it comes to knowing how to please a woman, so we’ve made a list of 30 entire things men can do that are practically guaranteed to make any woman smile. So now you have no excuse, dudes! The list was inspired by the Twitter trending topic#30WaysToMakeAGirlSmile.
1. Send her a cute goodnight text while she’s sleeping so she wakes up with a smile on her face.
2. Call her beautiful, instead of pretty or cute.
3. Buy her nice things.
4. Make sure she knows that you’re afraid to lose her.
5. Treat her the same around yourfriends as you would do when you’re alone.
6. Be there when she needs you.
7. Have a date planned out so all she has to do is look good and show up.
8. Randomly send her a text saying you’re thinking about her.
9. While out, introduce her to the people that matter to you. Make sure she knows who they are and vice versa.
10. Make her a priority, not an option.
11. Movie night cuddling, instead of going out with the guys.
12. On a date: Help her with her coat. Pull out her chair. Open the door for her. Let her order her food first. Stay off your phone.
13. Back down in an argument even though she may be wrong.
14. Ask her if she’s lost weight.
15. Respect her. Respect her family , respect her friends, respect her morals.
16. Slow-dance with her even if there’s no music.
17. Sneak up behind her, hold her around her waist, kiss her softly on the neck and tell her you love her.
18. Support her ambition and love her flaws.
19. Walk into a room full of temptation and stay faithful.
20. Give her your hoodie when she’s cold.
21. Make her feel like she’s the only woman in the world.
22. Fight for her when she’s readyto give up, and hold her tight when she’s at her weakest.
23. Never let others influence anything when it comes to her; she wants you to be the reasoningfor your actions.
24. Hold her tight in public just to show people that you’re proud to have someone like her.
25. Always take the first step. Don’t always wait for her to start everything.
26. Bring her roses or flowers forno reason at all. Not just when you’re in trouble or on Valentine’sDay.
27. Offer to give her a massage. Foot, back, neck, shoulder… okay, the whole body.
28. Avoid responding with “okay,”or any short answer that makes it sound like you weren’t listening.
29. Save a photo of her as your phone’s background or screensaver. That way she’ll knowyou’re thinking of her everytime you look at your phone.
30. Promise never to let her go, and keep that promise.
What are more ways to make a woman smile?



How to succeed

You don’t need all of these, and some are mutually exclusive (while others are not). And most don’t work, don’t scale or can’t be arranged:

Be very focused on your goal and work on it daily
Go to college with someone who makes it big and then hires you
Be born with significant and unique talent
Practice every day
Network your way to the top by inviting yourself from one lunch to another, trading favors as you go
Quietly do your job day in and day out until someone notices you and gives you the promotion you deserve
Do the emotional labor of working on things that others fear
Notice things, turn them into insights and then relentlessly turn those insights into projects that resonate
Hire a great PR firm and get a lot of publicity
Work the informational interview angle
Perform outrageous acts and say obnoxious things
Redefine your version of success as: whatever I have right now
Flit from project to project until you alight on something that works out very quickly and well
Be the best-looking person in the room
Tell stories that people care about and spread
Contribute more than is expected
Give credit to others
Take responsibility
Aggrandize, preferably self
Be a jerk and win through intimidation
Be a doormat and refuse to speak up or stand up
Never hesitate to share a kind word when it’s deserved
Sue people
Treat every gig as an opportunity to create art
Cut corners
Focus on defeating the competition
When dealing with employees, act like Steve. It worked for him, apparently.
Persist, always surviving to ship something tomorrow
When in doubt, throw a tantrum
Have the ability to work harder and more directly than anyone else when the situation demands it
Don’t rock the boat
Rock the boat
Don’t rock the boat, baby
Resort to black hat tactics to get more than your share
Work to pay more taxes
Work to evade taxes
Find typos

Power of The Heart

To lead a life in which we are inspired and can inspire others, our hearts have to be alive; they have to be filled with passion and enthusiasm. To achieve that, we need the courage to live true to ourselves. Rather than borrowing from or imitating others, we need the conviction to be able to think for ourselves and to take action out of We need to cultivate a state of life where we can thoroughly enjoy ourselves at all times. We should have such joy that even at the time of death we can declare with a happy smile: “That was wonderful! Where shall I go next?” Faith enables us to attain the kind of generous and all-embracing state of mind where we enjoy everything in our lives.our own sense of responsibility.