Crazy Facts There are approximately 61,000 people in the air at all times. It takes 4 seconds for a silence tobecome awkward. We forget 80 percent of what welearn everyday. (U may even forget this later.) US scientists calculated that Santa would have to visit 822 homes a second to deliver all presents on Christmas Eve. It has been scientifically proven that the less you know, the more you think you know. Chewing gum while peeling onions will keep you from crying. Childbirth is the second most painful thing in the world, right next to being burned alive. Over 350 million people suffer from Facebook Addiction Disorder. A portion of the water you drink has already been drunk by someone else, maybe several times over. Pirates wore earrings because they believed it improved their eyesight. Falling coconuts kill more people inthe world than sharks do. Approximately 150 people are killed each year by coconuts. In the Middle Ages, young men andwomen would draw names from a bowl to see who would be their Valentine. They would attach the name to their sleeve for 1 week to let others know their true feelings. This became know as “wearing your heart on your sleeve”. Having eye contact for more than6 seconds without looking away or blinking reveals a desire for either sex or murder. From the age of thirty, humans gradually begin to shrink in size. The second most popular search item on yahoo is “google”. During World War I, France built afake Paris to fool Germany. Warren Buffet’s wealth equals the combined wealth of the poorest 130 million Americans. Apple used to sell a featureless iPhone app titled “I am rich” for$999.99. When you are looking at someoneyou love, your pupils dilate, they dothe same when you are looking at someone you hate. A can of Pepsi has 41 grams of sugar. This amount to about seventeaspoons of sugar. It costs $178 US dollars to produce the iPhone 4, but the retail price is$560! There are only 18 countries richer than Bill Gates. The earliest recorded case of a man giving up smoking was on April 5, 1679, when Johan Katsu, Sheriff of Turku, Finland, wrote inhis diary “I quit smoking tobacco.” He died one month later. It takes 1/5th of a second to fall in love.


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