A Gallant Bride

Tomorrow’s history makers

Future record breakers

Are the infants of this day

They should be taught well

In order to lead the way


They should be taken forward

In the fear of God

By the responsible one’s above them

Ye parents, guardians and lecture givers

Train them to keep of boozing

Instruct them never to go logger heads


Improve their knowledge of moral uprightness

So as not to make their regime

Bite the just


Our guardians of later days

Subtract yourselves from the disguised devils

Less they turn you into a bag of disgust

Make yourself confident in yourself

And keep a cold shoulder

Of relying on them

Or at last you become failure’s hosts


Disembark from the plane of the unjust

And board the plane of the just

Desist from hitting below the belt

And permit fairplay to rule

For it is a praise worthy value


Let the truth prevail in all you do

Let your attitude be reflected in your records

So as to be known as an accountable man

And a scrupulously honest woman

Always be on the level

So that they would be your face saver

When the doubting Thomas talks


Deprive yourself from going against the rules

Even when you fail

But move on gallantly

Till you win the race

Lend a helping hand

To those who lose

When you win


Cease to get satisfied

With where you are

Escape from the clutches of laziness

For it hinders your success

Put your best foot forward

And work as if your whole life depends on it


Don’t mask yourself from your responsibility

Express love and care to your mother land

Show her all the beauty

She possess inside her

Give her the strength of pride

To be a gallant bride.     

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