*. 1) Poor choice because of Low self worth: People who have a low self esteem might get committed to people whom they don’t truly love just because they believe that they can’t attract the ones they really love! Those people don’t only stop at this stage but they take a step further by deceiving themselves and claiming that they married the ones they really wanted to marry only to end up as cheaters! *. 2) Poor choice because of fear: Out of the fear of ending up alone or out of the pressure thatthe society puts on certain people they get into a relationship whenever they get the chance to even if they were not that convinced. After some time those people find themsleves unhappy and thus start cheating if their values allowed them to cheat. *. 3) Poor choice because of the influence of friends and constant programming of someone’s mind by friends can make him become attracted to a person whom he wasn’t interested in. A third group of people get into relationships after their friends keep convincing them over and over to be with certain persons! Usually friends recommend people who are good for them but this doesn’t mean that those people are going to be good for you! People who get into relationships because of that same kind of pressure might end up being unfaithful when they discover that they didn’t marry the person they wanted to marry! *. 4) poor choice because of lack ofself understanding: Most people don’t really understand their needs and as a result they don’t know what they want. Because of that problem those people confuse attraction with long term commitment and get committed to the first person they get attracted to without realizing that they are doing a big mistake. One of the major causes of infidelity is finding that your spouse is not helping you meet your important unmetneeds. If you didn’t get enough self understanding you won’t get the chance to understand your needs and you might make the wrong choice



  1. U ar ryt. But u 4got one category, dos who stays with som1 out of pity hopin dat somday dey will love d person n wen dat is not on sight, dey cheat 2 b happy!

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