I have a passion for encouraging and inspiring people to live life to its fullest. It warms my heart to see people discover who they really are, especially when encouraged by family, friends and mentors, and act to live the life they were born to live. I challenge individuals to seek their purpose and destiny, to move towards its realization, and to let it be their life’s work. I have given many speeches over the years on various topics. All of them at their core motivated people to be true to their authentic selves and live on purpose. The next logical step was to publish a book that included the nuggets of inspiration from these speeches

The book contains one nugget per page. One may think they could easily read through the pages in a few minutes and be done. However, these nuggets latch on to the human spirit and engage the heart and mind, it challenges the individual to really think about life; what’s really important and how to enjoy life’s simple pleasures. I encourage people to keep the book on their night stand, in their office and other places where they can easily pick it up and read a page. There is something there for many aspects of life.
I intentionally included one nugget per page to enable an individual to write their own thoughts or notes on the nugget page. Maybe a thought, memory, idea or dream that was important to them, or jumped out at them and motivates them to write it down.

These nuggets have been presented in book form in the spirit of love and encouragement. It is my prayer and hope that you enjoy them for years to come. May the nuggets be beacons of light in the midst of darkness, rays of hope to the hopeless, showers of excitement to the victorious, excited and delighted, and pillars of encouragement, motivation and inspiration to the downtrodden, those who have given up and the lost. Know that you are never alone. Be encouraged my brother! Be inspired my sister!


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