1. We Are Very Critical of Ourselves – No matter how confident any woman seems, we can be extremely critical of ourselves. No need to mention anything about our weight, our skin, or our bad hair because we are well aware of our so-called “flaws” already. In fact, most of us obsess about these things far too frequently.
2. We Tell Our Friends Practically Everything – We might say that we don’t tell our girlfriends nearly every single detail about our lives and relationships, but we kinda do.
3. Our Weight or Dress Size – Don’t ask how much we weigh, or try to guess. And please don’t try to figure out our size and buy us clothing. If you want to buy us any clothes, take us to the shop. Thank You.
4. How Much We Spend – You really don’t want to know how much our hair, clothes and make-up cost, unless you’re paying of course, then you can know.
5. Most of us are Very Curious – Due to unfortunate past experiences or insecurities, there are some women out there who have been known to snoop through their significant other’s phones and personal mail. We’re not condoning this behaviour, but this is definitely something women don’t want men to know.


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